Encompassing strong female energy and divine spiritualism, Serpentine is the ideal companion for your kundalini yoga experience. At Serpentine, you will find the tools, inspiration, and expert information on how to awaken the universal creative power inside you. Through this unique process, you can learn to gain more gratitude, compassion, love, and respect for both yourself and the world around you. These are the gifts that you will take away and — over time — begin to use in your daily life. Take a deep breath. Still your mind for a moment. And let us take the first steps together now.


Amrita Kaur

Serpentine Founder
Kundalini Yoga, Meditation
& Gong practitioner

My spiritual journey started in 2014 on the Island of the Gods — Bali. I took some yoga classes while I was there and the motherly, nurturing vibe of Bali and her beautiful surroundings helped me fall in love with the practice.

Meditation came into my life two years later. I was living in New York City, creating my own startup, and working towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. In my pursuit of success, I started picking up habits that my favorite business leaders lived by. One of their “secrets to success” was meditation, so thus began my practice. As it turned out, in the process of creating my own business, yoga and meditation became my only escape. The more I materialized my business idea, the more I felt my heart disconnecting from it.

I was fortunate enough to learn Kundalini Yoga & Meditation under Master Teacher Hari Kaur Khalsa and to be trained by Sat Siri. I have also studied the art of Sound & Healing under the renowned Gongmaster Don Conreaux

Today, my aim is to help spread the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. This blog is a channel for me to share this wisdom with you as you embark on your own spiritual journey.

Oh! And if you were wondering whatever happened to my business — I left it. I can’t be where my heart is not.

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