Kundalini Mantras
The Complete Guide

Experience the power of the divine and beautiful Kundalini Yoga mantras.

Effortlessly bringing together the strength of the consciousness and sound vibrations, this form of chanting holds great power. Choosing to learn some of the most powerful and functional mantras is an important part of your spiritual journey.

How Do Kundalini Yoga Mantras Work?

In practice, engaging in a mantra means chanting a set of words or sounds at a certain rhythm to access a specific frequency in the vibrational field, ours and of the Cosmos. You may also combine this with breathwork, kriyas, meditation, or an asana.

Learn Kundalini Yoga Mantras Today

Within this exclusive guide, we will take a look at some of the most powerful Kundalini Yoga mantras. Our ebook includes audio links to make it easy. Simply click the link to hear the sacred sounds and follow them as you continue your practice.

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Amrita kaur

Amrita Kaur

Serpentine Founder

Amrita’s journey into the realms of wellness started with Transcendental Meditation while living in NYC. Amrita is Serpentine’s founder, entrepreneur, kundalini yoga and meditation instructor certified from KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). Breathwork facilitator and Gong practitioner, having studied the mysteries of sound & healing with the Gong Master Don Conreaux. She currently lives in Dubai.

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